BBExpo Features for Innkeepers

All of our BBExpo listings have these handy features:

  • Availability Calendar - Versatile! Intuitive! Powerful!

    • Use it on BBExpo or even on your own website!
    • Scroll down or click here for more info
  • Special Getaway Package Editor

    • Use some imagination and offer some activities for your guests!
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  • Automatic Currency Conversion

    • Show your rates in other currencies right on your webpage
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  • Completely user updateable.

    • Whether you have a one-page listing or a ten page listing, you have full access to your information and can change all of it whenever you like by logging into the Site Assistant. Upload pictures, change text and picture descriptions and, of course, your rates, easily!
  • Generous limits on information

    • Upload as many pictures as you like
    • Up to 500 character description allowed for each picture
    • Up to 6000 characters allowed for main description
  • All enquiries can be retrieved

    • We save all of the enquiries sent to you, and you can review them in the Site assistant.
  • Easily add Tripadvisor Badge to your listing

    • Tripadvisor is probably the world's #1 travel website these days. You can easily add your personalized TripAdvisor badge to your BBExpo listing.
  • Personal Guest Book

    • Have your guests sign your personal guest book to let others know how much they enjoyed staying at your Bed & Breakfast.

  • Visitor statistics for your listing

    • See counts of visitors, enquiry forms submitted and click-throughs to your website.

  • Secure information

    • Nobody can see your email address. All correspondence from BBExpo is conducted through the enquiry form. People only get your email address when you give it to them.


Here are some advanced tools that you get when you join BBExpo


Availability Calendar

  • Show your room availability to prospective clients
  • Save the public from having to enquire when you are full
  • Save you from having to respond to enquiries when you are full
  • People searching for B&Bs love this feature!
  • Super easy interface for updating your availability. Update in seconds!

BBExpo offers you an exquisite bonus if you have your own website.

If you host your website with BBExpo, we can very easily setup the availability calendar to show on one of your website's pages. Compare the two sample pages below. They are using the same code, with data obtained from the BBExpo database.

BBExpo Availability Calendar Page

Hosted Website Availability Calendar Page

Click here to see BBExpo site

Click here to see demo site

Special Getaway Packages

Many people want to get away for a weekend or a few days and not have to plan anything! If you can come up with a special getaway or two, you can increase the chances of getting visitors.

  • Create your own Special Getaway Pages with the Site Assistant.
  • You can create as many as you want for free.
  • Packages show up in search engines and some do really well.
  • They are promoted aggressively on BBExpo.
  • They show up on your listing page, and enquiry form, so people cannot miss them!

See our Special Getaway Packages page: Click here

See references to Special Getaway Packages on a BBExpo listing: Click here and scroll down

See how we promote Special Getaway Packages on Enquiry Form: Click here

Automatic Currency Conversion

Of course, the internet is international and not everyone knows how much a Canadian Dollar is worth in their own currency. Some B&B sites may have links to another currency conversion website, but we do better than that. Every day we obtain the closing currency exchange rates for several foreign currencies. You can select which currencies you want to show and BBExpo will compute them automatically.  We currently support

  • US Dollars
  • Euros
  • Pounds Sterling
  • Australian Dollars
  • New Zealand Dollars

 Have a look at to see how it looks!



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