Domain Hosting with BB Expo

Note: All prices are in Canadian Dollars, GST not included

Frequently asked questions:

How much does it cost?

One price gives you all you need!

$144.00 per year, $0.00 setup

Extra Bonuses: Customize your website with our special utilities including:
  • Form to e-mail Utility
  • Dynamic Currency Exchange Utility (click here)

If you are serious about promoting your website, then this is the package to get. The web statistics are absolutely essential for determining how people find you and for tuning your site for search engines.

We are an authorized domain reseller so we can afford to take care of your internet requirements at a reasonable cost. No longer will it cost you $35.00 USD to register your domain!

We are authorized to register domains ending with .com, .net, .org, .ca, .info and .biz

Can I have an email address?

Yes! You can have your own email address, such as  In fact, you can have several if you need them. We can either forward your email to a current email address that you are using, or we can give you your own mailbox that you can access from your email program.

The cost for this service is FREE

Do you do Spam and Virus Filtering?

Yes! We have the best spam filtering around! We are using a spam filtering appliance manufactured by a small company in Ontario that filters spam expertly. The company boasts that they get about 1 false positive for every 100,000 emails, but we have found that the filter performs even better than that!

The cost for this service is FREE

Can I read my email when I am away from home?

Yes! Our mail server has a web interface where you can connect and read your mail using your web browser from anywhere on the planet.  Forget about forwarding your email to hotmail, yahoo or gmail. You can leave it on our server and read it with our web interface.

The cost for this service is FREE

What if my domain is already registered?

We can easily do a domain transfer. 

Do I have to have a listing on BB Expo?

No, that is not a requirement for getting this sweet deal with domain hosting. However, if you have a domain, you are obviously serious about promoting your B&B. Have a look at BB Expo's excellent suite of features and you will see that it would be a great tool to have in your advertising toolkit!

Can I change my own site? Do you support Front Page and FTP?

Yes!, we support Front Page server extensions and FTP. When you host your website with BB Expo, you do not have to sign your life over to us. You can keep your own designer, do it yourself or we can take care of changing your website for you at our current rates.

Can I get statistics on my website?

Yes! We keep log records for your website and we will provide detailed monthly reports detailing the traffic to your website. The cost for this service is FREE

Does your server support CGI scripts?

No, we do not. Two reasons for this one:

1) These are typically found on servers running different software than we have.
2) You never know how secure these programs are.

Typically B&B websites need little scripts for page counters or sending email or a guest book. If you have special needs for a particular script, let us know what they are and we will probably write something for you.

Do you do search engine promotion?

We are quite successful at getting good search engine rankings with the major search engines. For a small fee ($49.95) we will lovingly hand-submit your website to several major directories, and use a script to submit to a couple dozen others.

No reputable company will lead you to believe that it is of any benefit to submit your website to 1000 search engines. There are really only a half-dozen or so of any importance. Those are the ones that we are interested in.

Why would I want my own domain anyways?

Having your own domain is like having your own acreage on the internet, not just an apartment or little space in someone else's building. When you have your own domain, 

  • you can give it a name that reflects your style and personality

  • you can have an email address that never changes even if you change internet service providers

  • you don't have to share your space with the competition

  • you stand a better chance of ranking well with the search engines

  • you have full control over the content you want to display on your site. 

  • you can design it any way you want 

Do you do custom design too?

Yes, we do. Our prices are very competitive and our work is first rate. We are in business to serve the B&B industry and we will work well within your budget. Have a look at our portfolio for an idea of what you can expect.