Association Websites

We have created a very robust system for B&B Association Websites. If you would like to showcase your association's B&Bs then we can help you.

Available Features

All of our association websites are handcrafted to suit the needs of the association. All of the sites have a similar software "engine" for managing the members' data, but after that, the site is customized for the association. The data can be shown in any format that pleases the membership, and the rest of the site is created to showcase the association and their region.

Each association website features:

  • One customizable page for each B&B.
  • Simple "Site Manager" interface for people to add or change their own information
  • Powerful management tools available for association executive.
  • Unlimited pictures and text
  • Search engine friendly sites (stats as of April 16, 2008)
    • edmonton bed and breakfast - our site is #1 on Google and Yahoo! #2 on MSN
    • canmore bed and breakfast - our site is #1 on Google and MSN, #2 on Yahoo!
    • alberta bed and breakfast - our site is #1 on Google and MSN, #2 on Yahoo!
    • london ontario bed and breakfast - our site is #1 on Google, #2 on Yahoo and MSN
  • Individual availability calendars that show vacancy for each B&B
    • Prospective guests can check for availability for a date range
    • Daily reports generated for travel agencies or other referral services
  • Special user-customizable getaway packages available
  • Gift Certificate Request form
  • Secure, private sites. No email addresses are revealed anywhere.
  • Managed reciprocal links page
  • Feedback form


Selected Portfolio of Association Websites


Muskoka B&B Association -

We were delighted to be given the opportunity to serve the Muskoka Bed & Breakfast Association in 2007. Their current host shut down operations and they chose us to take over their website, and put a new face on it. We collaborated with Gintana Owens for the design and we feel that the site is a work of art.

There are approximately 36 members and the Muskoka region is an exquisitely beautiful region in Ontario. The association submitted gorgeous photographs for every member B&B as well as a large number of terrific shots for implementing in the design.

The design has several panoramic pictures in the header and they dissolve into the next one in rotation. Each season has its own collection of header panorama pics, and they change automatically as the seasons change.

This site also makes use of Google maps for showing precisely where a B&B is located. Each member B&B can position their marker to exactly where they are located on the map.


Jasper Home Accommodation Association -

In 2007 we were honoured to be able to take care of the Jasper Home Accommodation Association website. They were impressed with the availability calendar feature that makes the Canmore Association website so user friendly, as well as the up-to-date availability report that shows availability for all the members at any given time.

This association has approximately 116 members and if you have a look at this site, you will see that its presentation is quite different from all the others. It has a no-nonsense list of features for each B&B and they are presented in a kind of list format. From the information shown on the website, prospective clients are encouraged to contact the B&B directly.

They also make use of the online availability calendar, and any member that has updated their availability within the past seven days will be shown on the report.


Canmore B&B Association -

Association Availability Calendar!

This association has approximately 35 members. In 2005 the membership committed to entering their availability into the system on a daily basis. With this up-to-date information, people could check for available accommodation during the time they were hoping to be in the Canmore / Banff area.

In addition, a report is available that shows availability for the next seven days for all members. This was used by Travel Alberta and other tourism agencies to help people find a B&B. Check it out:


Bed & Breakfast Association of Greater Edmonton -

Interactive Maps!

The Bed & Breakfast Association of Greater Edmonton (BBAGE) has approximately 36 members in and around Edmonton.

One excellent feature of this attractive website is a pair of interactive maps of Edmonton City, and Greater Edmonton where each of the B&Bs is represented by a red dot. When you place your mouse pointer over a red dot, it will tell you which B&B it represents, and when you click, it will take you to that B&B's web page.

Their association website is ranked #1 on Google, MSN and Yahoo for the search term "Edmonton bed and breakfast"


London B&B Network -

Small cooperative B&B network.

This small association consists of 11 B&Bs in London, Ontario. This site features an interactive map of London where each B&B is represented by a red dot.

Placing your mouse over the dot will tell you which B&B is represented, and clicking the dot will take you to the B&B's page

Even small associations can profit from an association website.