Renewing your listing on BBExpo


BBExpo's renewal rate is the most innovative and flexible on the internet.  We fancy ourselves as your partner in business, and if things are slow for you, we'll take the hit as well. Your renewal rate is calculated based upon how much business we send your way. What could be fairer than that? If we send you more than $1000 in reservation enquiries and referrals, the maximum you will pay is $79.95.

Here's the way it works, in detail.

  • When someone sends a reservation form to you, we keep record the number of room nights that they are requesting, and if requesting more than one room, we keep that too.
  • When someone clicks through to your website from BBExpo, we keep track of that as well.
  • At renewal time, we do some calculations.
  • We take the number of room nights requested, and multiply that by your lowest room rate.
    • If your room rate is $100 per night, and we generated referrals for 10 room nights, that's $1000.
  • We take the number of click-throughs to your site and estimate bookings based on a 1.5 percent conversion rate (same as
    • In other words, for each 100 click-throughs to your website, we will consider that they resulted in 1.5 room nights (or one room night every 67 click throughs). Remember that this is very targeted traffic; people are looking for accommodation.
    • For example, if you have 135 click throughs to your site, we consider that two room nights of referrals.
  • We add that all together and come up with a total.
  • Multiply that total by 8% (your advertising cost is no more than 8% of the business the site generates)
  • That amount is your renewal rate. If it comes to more than $79.95, then $79.95 is what you pay.

We recognize that the tourism business ebbs and flows, and that global economics affect us here in Canada. Some years it's a struggle, and we at BBExpo are in it with you, and we cut you a break.  As well, this renewal scheme is motivation for us to excel at getting business for you.

At BBExpo, we are always looking for ways to serve you better. Please feel free to contact us and let us know what you think.