Starting your Own B&B

Have you ever considered starting a Bed & Breakfast? You are not alone! Many have gone before you and have experienced all the joys and some of the realities of opening their homes to visitors.

Canadian Bed & Breakfast Expo is committed to Bed and Breakfast owners, present and future! This page will point you in the direction of some resources that will help you to make an informed decision about starting your own bed & breakfast. BB Expo has some experienced B&B owners who give seminars to prospective entrepreneurs and their experience is invaluable.

Seminars / Courses


Edmonton, Alberta,  Brooks Place B&B. Click here for details

British Columbia: 

Comox, BC, Bruce & Mary Jaffary. Click here for details


The Book

Bruce & Mary Jaffary, formerly from Forbidden Plateau B&B in Courtenay have written a new book called To B&B or Not To B&B, The Fun and Facts of Operating A Bed and Breakfast

This work is a large expansion of the material that they cover in their seminars. The book has everything you need to know to open and operate a successful bed and breakfast or inn. 

They have also added about 30 amusing and interesting stories from their experiences, illustrating the special nature of running a bed and breakfast

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Click the book to order it online