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B&B Seminars

Starting a Bed & Breakfast - seminars, books, expert advice in BC Canada

Bruce & Mary Jaffary

610A Cormorant Street
Comox, B.C.,V9M 3P1
Phone 250-339-7134

Email: mbjaffary@telus.net



You may have always wanted to open a B&B but you don’t know how to go about it. This seminar is designed for you as it covers everything you need to know to start and operate a B&B. Running a successful B&B is much more complicated than people think, in fact some people have even called it a ‘no brainer’. But because it involves people and business skills and a commitment of time and effort, it is very important to fully look into the business to see if you are suited to it before you take the first steps. You may find out, as many have, that the business is not for you and the small investment in a seminar will save you thousands of dollars. One author has written, “The difficulty of successfully starting and operating a B&B is often overlooked because of the emotional appeal and the romantic notions that surround the subject”.

Our in depth group seminars are presented at a B&B in Courtenay so you have a chance to see a good one in operation. They can provide accommodation if you require it or it can be arranged at a B&B nearby. The cost of the seminar is $200 per person, spouses are an extra $100. We strongly recommend that spouses attend so they also have an appreciation of the business. The cost includes lunches, coffee and snacks each day, a detailed seminar booklet and a copy of our B&B book. 

There is lots of time for questions and discussion and to network with other prospective B&Bers.

We usually do one seminar in early November and one in February or March. Please contact us to see when our next group seminar will be held or refer to our website http://www.bbbookandseminars.com 

We also do private seminars for people who would like more individual attention. These are held over two days and accommodation can be arranged at a local B&B. The cost of private seminars is $400 per couple.


Bruce and Mary Jaffary have been in the hospitality business for the past 20 years. They opened and operated three successful B&B’s over the past nine years and recently sold Forbidden Plateau B&B in Courtenay. Bruce was a golf club manager for 6 years – Mary was a teacher.

For the past six years they have been instructing prospective B&Bers at their Bed & Breakfast and also at North Island College. Last year they authored the book, “To B&B or Not To B&B, The Fun and Facts of Operating a B&B”. It has been widely sold and has become a reference book for people starting B&B’s. 


“After taking the seminar we felt very confident to open our B&B.” Pat and Al Pearce, Marigold B&B, Shawnigan Lake.

“The instructors had many years of excellent experience. Great attitude and enthusiasm – a pleasure to listen to”.

“The seminar answered all my questions and many I hadn’t even thought of.”

“The seminar was most worthwhile and well done. It made me realize that opening my home to B&B guests was not something I was prepared to do. Thank you for the insight.”


The detailed seminar covers the following topics:

  • Defining a B&B. What it is and what it is not.

  • Who are you? Is this business for you? Why do you want a B&B?

  • How will you open your B&B and where?

  • Outfitting and decorating.

  • Handling guests good and bad.

  • Serving breakfast.

  • The business end of B&B – licenses, budgeting, taxes insurance and credit cards.

  • Reservations and cancellations – how to handle them.

  • Can I make money at B&B? What is the reality.

  • Marketing – how to put your B&B on the map. Internet, the marketing revolution for B&B. Web pages, B&B Guides and email.

  • Cell phones, 800 numbers, answer phones and FAXES – what do you need?

  • Tourism BC Approval and Canada Star Rating – the qualifications. Is it of value?

As an extension of our seminar program we are developing an Online Bed and Breakfast Seminar. Participants will be guided through an in depth interactive seminar. Using a text book, a print course manual and online course pages and activities, they will work from their own computer in their own time. The course is six weeks and will require a time commitment of approximately 5 to 10 hours per week

For full information please go to our web site, http://www.bbseminarsonline.com


Bruce and Mary Jaffary
610A Cormorant Street
Comox, B.C.,V9M 3P1
Phone 250-339-7134

Email: mbjaffary@telus.net

The Book

Bruce & Mary have written a new book called "To B&B or Not To B&B, The Fun and Facts of Operating A Bed and Breakfast". 

It is a large expansion of the material that they cover in their seminars. The book has everything you need to know to open and operate a successful bed and breakfast or inn. 

They have also added about 30 amusing and interesting stories from their experiences, illustrating the special nature of running a bed and breakfast

Click the book to order it online